Dec 13th-15th, 2022 -JewishGen Symposium: Researching Your Roots in Bessarabia.

This event is no longer on sale.

Tuesday December 13

10:00 AM  –  11:00 AM

About the Symposium

The JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Research Division is proud to present a special symposium that will help researchers explore their Jewish roots in Bessarabia. Presentations will also explore topics related to other regions as well.

When will it take place? Does it cost anything?

The free event will take place between December 13-15, 2022 via Zoom (please note that sessions will take place over the course of 3 days).

What are the session topics?

Sessions will focus on: Laws for Jews in the Russian Empire ⧫ Researching Your Roots in Moldovan Archives ⧫ The history of Rashkov (Transnistria) ⧫ How to utilize family within Bessarabian Business directories ⧫ Teaching Holocaust Studies in Moldova ⧫ Teaching Family History to your children and grandchildren ⧫ Traces of Jewish Life in Ukraine and Moldova ⧫ Bessarabian music in the 19th-20th centuries ⧫ The Klezmer connection between Jews and Gypsy musicians ⧫ and more.

In total, there will be more than 15 presenters, who come from Canada, Germany, France, Brazil, Moldova, Ukraine, the United States, and other countries.

The detailed schedule is available by clicking here.

Will Sessions Be Recorded?

All sessions will be recorded, and ultimately made available on the JewishGen YouTube channel. 

Questions before Registering?

We look forward to your participation! If you have any questions before registering, please contact Yefim Kogan, Leader and Coordinator of the Bessarabia SIG Research Division, at