Oy Vey! Klezmer for Kids! - In Person


Sunday June 27

Time (Eastern Time)

1:00 PM  –  2:00 PM

Sruli and Lisa's Family Band features internationally known Klezmer personalities Sruli Dresdner and Lisa Mayer, their son Zach Mayer, and 12-year-old twins Johnny and Charlie. The family plays violin, accordion, clarinet, percussion, saxophone, and a bunch of wackier instruments—and they sing and dance and tell Jewish jokes. 

Join the Museum for “Oy Vey! Klezmer for Kids!,” an afternoon with Sruli and Lisa's Family Band intended for kids of all ages and their families. You’ll hear all kinds of Jewish music: Klezmer, Hasidic, Israeli, and Nigunim (wordless melodies), some old and some new. You’ll sing, shout, clap, dance, laugh, and—oy vey!—you’ll have a good time. 

This program will be held live in the Museum’s Edmond J. Safra Hall.