Rumbula Remembered: 80 Years Since the Mass Executions


Tuesday December 7

Time (Eastern Time)

2:00 PM  –  3:00 PM


On November 30 and December 8, 1941, approximately 26,000 Jews were murdered in the Rumbula Forest outside Riga, Latvia. Along with the massacre at Babyn Yar, the Rumbula Massacre represents one of the largest two-day Nazi mass shootings. Only three people who arrived at the Rumbula killing site survived the Holocaust. 

80 years after the massacres, join the Museum for a program revisiting the events at Rumbula and exploring their legacy. The program will feature work-in-progress clips from Rumbula’s Echo, a forthcoming historical documentary film from director and producer Mitchell Lieber. The program will also feature a discussion about events in the clips between Lieber; Ilya Lensky, Director of the Jewish Museum of Latvia; Elie Valk, Chairman of the Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel; and Richards Plavnieks, Assistant Professor of History at Florida Southern College and author of Nazi Collaborators on Trial During the Cold War: Viktors Arajs and the Latvian Auxiliary Security Police.