Exploring Neuroscience and the Legacy of the Holocaust


Thursday April 22

Time (Eastern Time)

2:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

Neuroscientist Dr. Daniela Schiller, who leads the Affective Neuroscience Lab at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, has spent years exploring “reconsolidation” — the biological process of rewriting painful memories. Her groundbreaking work is shaped by her personal experiences with her elderly father in Israel, who remains haunted by the Holocaust decades after he survived it. 

Filmmaker Liron Unreich has spent years exploring multigenerational trauma through a different lens. Like Schiller, his work is a personal mission informed by his own grandfather’s legacy as a Holocaust survivor. The two of them have joined forces with producer Roy Wol to create the upcoming feature-length documentary “The Ripple Project ONE,” which profiles five creative individuals working through the enduring trauma of the Holocaust.

Join Schiller, Unreich, and Wol for a discussion exploring Schiller’s personal story, the journeys behind the film, and the dynamic nature of traumatic emotional memories. The discussion will be moderated by award-winning Israeli actress, writer, and director Mili Avital.

Program attendees will also receive a private screening link to view a 22-minute film vignette of Daniela’s story.