"The Ravine" Book Talk with Wendy Lower and Paul Salmons


Tuesday April 27

Time (Eastern Time)

2:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

In 2009, Dr. Wendy Lower, the acclaimed author of Hitler’s Furies and chair of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Academic Council, was shown a photograph just brought to the Museum. The image—a rare “action shot” documenting the horrific final moment of a family’s murder—drove her to conduct years of forensic and archival detective work in Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia, Israel, and the United States, recovering new layers of detail about the Nazis’ open-air massacres in eastern Europe and the role of the family unit in Nazi ideology. 

In her new book The Ravine: A Family, a Photograph, a Holocaust Massacre Revealed, Lower explores the exceptional image and the new understandings it has unlocked about the Holocaust. Join Lower for a discussion about the book and her research with Paul Salmons, a Holocaust education specialist, curator of “Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away,” chief curator of “Seeing Auschwitz,” and consultant to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.